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Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
years, tom hendrix who has since moved on, and also steve for the tremendous work. literally hundreds of volunteers working on work groups and task groups has really led by our cga and that also like to thank andy with his health over the years. just as the natca members are engaged in our work we've been very pleased with the knowledge and level of engagement the acting administrator michael huerta. for us as it does a federal official while serving as the faa deputy administrator, michael has become even more not less active in our work since being elevated to the role of acting administrator. with michael at the helm and with his interest in work clothes with the aviation community, i'm confident and our collective bill to overcome some of the barriers to implement nextgen. you comment about succession planning. i'm very pleased that with my chairmanship, sunset and i will remain on the committee, will air who is chairman of the alaska air group, bill has been formally leave leading the alaska air group who is an experienced aviator, will be taking over the chairmanship of naca on
Oct 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
correspondent. i said at monday's national conversation that npr's steve is the first male voice i hear in the morning, and he is, while melissa is a very competent and informed female voice which i hear in the late afternoon on my way home. she was in china preparing for a weeklong broadcast with npr when a massive earthquake struck the region in may 2008, and major news organizations around the world relied on her extensive reporting on the destruction and relief efforts. so now i have many henry kissinger stories. i won't spend the full 15 minutes he that happenedded, but -- he demanded, but i will tell you a few of them. [laughter] let's try this. this past valentine's day he was my date. well, what really happened is that henry and i contacted our dear friends, andrea mitchell and alan greenspan. we did this separately, about spending the evening with them. and then we all ended up in a downtown washington hotel room full of hearts and flowers. henry and i also sit next to each other at defense policy board meetings, and we just spent a day and a half doing that and discussing the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2